The art and design are often defined as two opposite concepts, in reality though they are intertwined. Inspired design bears elements of art and at the same time, many pieces of art conceal an elaborate design.

ARTICO MODO is specialised in entirely designing and construction of luxury residential homes, villas, exclusive boutique hotels and commercial, professional spaces.

Our passion for details and our multiannual experience led us to the need to upgrade the construction’s design of the luxury, handmade furniture, aiming each result to reach the uniqueness and the importance of a piece of art.

ARTICO MODO breaks away from the standards of convention and leads a new and difficult-to-follow way of inspired designing and construction of handmade furniture and items.

The design harmony, the perfection of the result and the satisfaction of the people that trust in us for cooperation and their purchases is the inexhaustible source of inspiration that guides us. The people of ARTICO MODO share a common approach which is radically different to the current production industry, the fast rhythm of product, the oppression and the impermanence of the fashion; we concentrate in QUALITY and not in quantity, in UNIQUENESS and not in triviality.

We possess the inspiration that stems from the heart of the Greek civilization, the passion, the skills, the knowledge, the patience and above all a harmonious collaboration among us, of a kind that when someone sees our products it is difficult for her to distinguish between an artwork and a piece of high technique, between the artist and the craftsman.

Our vision for our furniture and products of our collection and the overall effect of each of our projects, is to guide you through the real meaning of luxury, of style and timelessness, to cause you emotions that only a RARE or VALUABLE item can evoke.